(If there are any queries that are not addressed on this page, email Simon at info@forestcoaches.com)

How long are quotations valid for? 

Our quotations are valid for 30 days, however, some weeks of the year get booked up a while in advanced, so please don't leave it too long after receiving the quote to book!

Is VAT added to the price that you have quoted for coach hire?

No, currently coach hire in the UK is zero-rated for VAT purposes.

When do I have to pay for coach hire and how?

We ask for £200 as a deposit to reserve the coach and require that you pay the balance 14 days before the departure date.  We would prefer you to transfer funds from your bank account to ours, our bank details can be found on the bottom of our invoices.

Do small children have to take up a seat or can they travel on an adult's lap?

Children travelling in coaches is no different from travelling in a car.  They must take up a seat.  If they travel in a child seat in the car, they should travel in a car seat on a coach.  Please note that most coaches just have lap belts rather than 3 point belts.

Are all your drivers checked by DBS? 

Our drivers are checked and have either a CRB or DBS check.

Can we eat on the coach?

We care about the presentation of our vehicles and for that reason we ask that food and drink (other than water) is not consumed on the vehicle without prior agreement of the company.  We also ask you to observe our policy of not allowing chewing gum onto our coaches.

I am the group leader, is there anything I should say to my group when they have boarded the coach?

It would speed the departure if you could make the announcement that the driver would normally make such as, please wear your seat belts and place and litter in the bin bags provided. Please point out the emergency exits.  A few minutes before the end of the journey, please ask people to check that they have all their possessions with them ( we find people loose their wallets and phones down the side of seats frequently) and return the curtains and seats to the original position and take any litter with them. 

What should I do if I think I have lost something on your coaches?

Please call us immediately.  Hopefully we can then check the coach before another group get on.  We do have a lost property form on our website, here you can notify us and describe the item so that we can check of lost property cupboard.

My group is being picked up from the airport, what is the procedure?

As soon as every member of the group is ready to leave the airport, please go to the coach station and speak to a coach marshall in a high-visiblity jacket. They will then send for the coach, which will be in the coach parking area awaiting permission to drive into the airport.